Our Story

Kings Road 1973

For R SOLES there was only one place to be. Kings Road was at the heart of London cool from the early days of the swinging sixties up to the end of the 1980s. When we established our first shop in 1973 punk was just around the corner, and Kings Road became the birthplace of The Sex Pistols and punk fashion.

Punk was a flame that burnt brightly but was short-lived,  Kings Road however continued to be a magnet for fashion wannabes, rockers  and Chelsea socialites. R.Soles style rode the fashion waves  and became a favourite for everyone aspiring to Kings Road cool.

Tony Mora image


Styles adapt over the years to reflect fashion of the day, however a constant from day one has been our obsessive commitment to producing the highest quality handcrafted footwear. We use the best materials and most experienced craftsmen who hand tool our boots into a product that will last for years if properly cared for.


Treading the Red Carpet

R.Soles has always attracted stars from the world of show business. We don’t like mentioning names but A-listers, supermodels , and even young royals love the quality and show stopping style of our boots.

Timeless style

Based upon the classic western style cowboy boots, our designs retain a timeless quality. Of course we offer a wide range of styles to meet the needs of our customers for different occasions but the R.Soles brand DNA runs through every pair of hand tooled boots that we create. This timeless style compliments your lifestyle be it for everyday or special day.

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